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A Short Announcement

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A Short Announcement

Post by Rexton on Mon Oct 10, 2011 5:23 am

This is not going well, we have a victim against to an random player, because you guys are trusting them even you HAVEN'T know them.

Remember this thing, OOC'ly or IC - For your more information, we don't trust people whom we don't know, IC'ly we're a gangster, we only trust people who're with us, that rolls with us at any cost. Do not ever trust anyone, whom you haven't know, one of us got banned for having a GOOD time with the others that he don't know, and now what? Banned. What if you guys trust people IC'ly? Killed. So are you guys still going to trust them? If not, good choice, If yes? Be the next victim.

Your choice.

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