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[IC] Hard in the paint freestyle

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[IC] Hard in the paint freestyle

Post by Guillermo on Sun Dec 04, 2011 9:41 pm

I go hard in the mother fuckin' paint leva-..
What you thank leva-..
Leave you in the dirt leva-..
I stay bangin' that V-L-A all day.
Wanna get high with the homie, all i gotta do is blow that grandaddy purp up in yo' face.
I'm high, i'm touching the ceiling.
All the deals that be happenin' home-boy, i be cealing.
Cap peelin' on enemiga's - see vaghoe? Pfft-.. kill vaghoe.
I stay creepin' in that 64' impala, with the homie T-Loc'.
Stacking up IWT X3 and choking off of the smoke.
Norte killa', Latin queen killer, slob killa', fuck that - i just kill everythang.
B-B-A-G, Big Bad Aztec Gang.
Ever been to el corona? Well i suggest you don't go.
Your ass can get fucked up by hard ass vato's you don't know.
So i suggest you wear a vest over that bird chest.
'Cause that's what i'm aiming for - and i'll put that ass to rest.
It would take alot of balls to throw up your shit in EC.
But later, i'll hunt your ass down and cut off your head GEE'.
Damn-... killin' everything that step in my path.
Unloading the 12 guage mosberg bullets into your ass.
When i'm puttin' in work, i always got the black mask and the cyan flag.
Lettin' every mother fucker know i'm from that big bad varrio.
That nigguh' laying in a pool of blood on the flo' - looking like a sad clown on the ground.
Sirens in the distance, homie you better dip.
If i ain't got no choice, imma have to unload the clip of hollowtip's.
Spittin' faster than twista', my mind racing like a blizzard -sippin' on that sizzurp.
W'Sup Big Splinter, W'Sup Lu', W'Sup Terror, W'Sup VLA, Y'know what i do.
I go around with the Glock.9 fuckin' up any crew.
Any mother fucker that want it, can't get it - that wig? imma split it - your head, get it?
Go in, hard in the paint -leave yo' ass burried in the sand in TR - what you thank?
Smokin' on a doobie, chillin' with my chica Scarlett.
Pull up at the club, and hit the switches on the 64' - the back be droppin'.
kill any mother fuckin' slob - i'm down to rob, i'm down to pop, i'm down to watch enemiga's drop
Free my nigguh' Joselito, and my hermano lil' pepito.
I'll pop yo ass open and -CRUNCH- like a cheeto.
Damn, don't get left smellin like some twelve year old spam.
Hollowtip's don't play, the ground is where you gonna lay.
Stackin' up V-L-A, purple kush holmes - it's my fav'.
On my glock.9, my nickname is engraved
Put yo' pussy ass in a grave or leave you cut up in a cave.
Who let the mother fuckin' dogs out? I don't even know.
But don't go to EC, 'cause those dog's loose like WHOA
You already know who it be-...
C-E-... Bitch.
Don't move your lips, i mean snitch - or i'll leave yo' ass slaughtered in a ditch.
Dumbass fool's walkin' around wearing wires.
But if i find out you a fed', i'll set yo' ass on fire.
Every enemiga' better conspire, that i'll make their soft ass retire.
I'm a gang bangin' professional - i know what's going on, every move you make.
I got somethin' to proove, and somebody's place to take.
The whole LS, filled with gang banger's and grieta slanger's
I ain't no baby-killer, but i'll choke yo' ass with a hanger
Chillin' with my homie, smokin' blunts with J-Danger.
Where you lay your head? Better tell me where you from.
'Cause when that bullet punge into your lung - homie you fuckin' done.
No time to even run, it's too fuckin' late.
I'll meet you at the crossroads, homie i mean the gates
Up in the sky, where nigguh's witness that my murders multiply.
Open your eyes and recognize who i am.
I kill every track i hop on, leave nigguh's like "DAMNNNNN".
But i don't think i'm finish yet - lemme just get straight to the fuckin' disaster
I'll leave you in a trash bag then in a minute you'll get picked up by the trash master
Dumpsters is where bitch nigguh's like you get left.
Try to break in my house and that double barrel on the shelf will be right into your chest.
Stomp the shit out of you - while holding up my middle fingers screaming "fuck you and yo' crew"
I fucked yo' bitch last night - the bitch crowned me king.
Ask any mother fuckin' hoe, i got that big dinga-ling
CHING-CHING-CHONG, Smokin' up on the bong.
Blowin' so much trees, that my lungs grow leafs.
Nigguh' please, i'm warning you to not drop your nuts and come test me.
I'll leave you floating on a river deceased.
Damn-.. unloading the ak47 - send yo pussy ass up to heaven.
Now nigguh' annie up, before i load this cannon up.
And can' yo candy ass - no homo, pull yo' panties up.
BBQ'ing lames, like we barbeque on labor day.
Yeah you got change and thangs - but you ain't got no straps mang'.
Carnivore - who want a war?
I'll wrestle with a dinosaur.
Fuck you homie, meaning fuck you, and yours.
Now get to work and do your fuckin' chores whore.
Yeah nigguh' i bang and i claim the South Side.
Hard mother fucker's straight outta' EC, show you how we ride.
Stay alive, while our enemiga's die.
Then send your familia to a funeral and watch your madre cry.
Haha, should've never fucked with VLA - now the grave is where you stay in your place
and all the memories of you are erased.
The O.G Story is what i'm plottin'.
One thing i ain't scared to do is -die-, but i'm scared to be -forgotten-.
This shit come straight off the dome - none of this was wrote.
Quote, what i quote - and i'll leave yo' house clogged up with smoke.
Damn, A crazy mother fucker named Slice.
Stay on the block rollin' dice - i'll say it again
"Ten times out of ten, the collision ain't gon' be nice"
Better not think twice, i suggest you think -THRICE-
I'll leave you and your panoch friends lookin' like the three blind mice.
Damn, on stage, on the street, on tour, at my house, on the block, rock in my sock.
Bangin' 'till the grave - VLA, this shit ain't gon' ever stop.



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Re: [IC] Hard in the paint freestyle

Post by Luigilitto on Sun Dec 11, 2011 9:32 pm


SouthSide' Ridaz always ready to kill niggaz' ,and get high' - always ready to spit - no matter how long , where and when, we chillin twenty-fo seven in la calles , always ready to drop a Grapes jaja- Those fucken frogs , I threated em' like ma dogs.You' lil' perro get outta ma way' o'get ready to die today.Don't see chu' see I try to get that mo-ney & stay Fresco' hell naw I don't need' a lil puto to interrumpt me'h'-Homito' Slice' sayz I can't spit ' but watch his face now he can't believe it-..

foo you betta RECOGNIZE -------> Beuno GanG

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