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Varios Los Aztecas rules:

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Varios Los Aztecas rules:

Post by Zack on Mon Dec 26, 2011 8:38 am

Varios Los Aztecas rules:

• Don't fuck around when people are roleplaying.

• Respect each other in the gang, no flaming on each other. When you got a problem with another member go to a R5+ and explain your story.

• Have atleast full HP and a vest(100% HP, 50% vest) ALWAYS

• ALWAYS have a gun on you

• Listen to R5's and R6's

• Always respond on back-up calls, even if you're busy.

• You're not allowed to shoot on your own family members, you'll be kicked or deranked.

• You're not allowed to post complaints on your own family member, you'll be kicked no matter what rank.

• Don't park sportcars with "[gr]" at El Corona, when you have them hide them somewhere in El Corona or park them somewhere else.

• Only Roleplay cars are allowed inside of El Corona(Lowriders, premier etc)

• If you got a problem with a R5 go to the R6's.

• NEVER run away when another gang raids El Corona, you're suposed to fight for it, not running away like a coward.

• Don't ask for ranks, you'll be ignored and possible deranked if you keep whining.

• Don't place GATES, at El Corona, you'll be kicked if you don't remove them unless they're roleplay.

You'll be punished if you do the following.

•Fuck around while people is roleplaying

•Flame your fellow members constantly

•Rolling with low HP, no armor(atleast 50% is required)

•Problem listening

•Not responding to back up calls because you're licking the wall.

•Crying a lot OOC'ly

•Showing low self steem, regarding your own gang.

•Having sport cars parked on sight in El Corona

•DMing each other.

•Running away in a gun fight while you got more then 3 people of our own around.
•Asking for ranks.

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Re: Varios Los Aztecas rules:

Post by Guillermo on Mon Dec 26, 2011 3:08 pm

And don't park gang cars everywhere ffs - only at the WAREHOUSE



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